Nutritionist Nicole

Nicole Conteduca, Registered Dietitian
Providing a proven framework to help you say goodbye to binge eating and ditch diets for good!

About Nicole.

Hi, Iā€™m Nicole, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about helping people make peace with food, ditch their diet mentality and live a joyful life. I encourage all people to allow themselves the permission to eat the foods they love, without guilt!

Ditch Dieting, Seriously.

Are you sick of dieting? Are you sick of food rules governing your every decision? Do you want to start living a diet-free life and start enjoying food again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you have come to the right place! I want to help you regain power over food and learn to find joy in eating again. We can work together to find food freedom, ditch diets for good and learn to respect and love your body!

Here's how to get started:


They Say

Binge Freedom Client

Client Win

"I'm working out almost every morning because it makes me feel good. But if I'm not in the mood I don't."

Binge Freedom Client

Client Win

"I'm barely thinking about good at all anymore. I went from thinking about good like 90% of my day to maybe 25% now."