If you binge eat, don’t beat yourself up 

 February 12, 2021

By  Nutritionist Nicole

If you find yourself always feeling guilty about overeating, whether it’s after Christmas dinner or after a movie binge, there’s still hope. You can stop criticizing yourself about what you eat with the help of Nicole Conteduca’s program. But if you binge eating, you can try some of the following things.

1. Take A Break

After overeating, it’s normal to feel bloated and swollen, so it’s a perfect idea to go outside for a walk and try to relax. During this time, you need to realize that you’re not perfect, and no one is. 

Going for a walk will make you feel good as it’s linked with improved health and digestion. After a big meal, people who walked for fifteen minutes had smaller blood sugar spikes in the hours afterward. 

Taking a break while walking also improved your mental health as it has been proved to reduce anxiety and depression. Besides, it improves self-confidence, preventing you from thinking over negative experiences. 

2. Eat Regularly Throughout The Rest Of The Day

It’s essential to understand that overeating is nothing to feel wrong about. It’s common for people to do it when they feel stressed, anxious, or have other intense emotions. 

The next time you feel ashamed for overeating, don’t panic. Remember to eat regularly throughout the rest of the day, as it’s possible to prevent it from doing it again. 

Keep in mind that when you feel overly hungry, your chances of binge eating are higher. 

3. Wear Something Comfortable

You’re probably already doing this, but seriously, wear that piece of clothing that you want to wear.  Throw on something that not only makes you feel good but makes you realize that you’ve got the power to do anything you want.

Finally, keep in mind that you can learn more about what triggers that behavior each time you overeat. Instead of blaming yourself, ask yourself, “why that happened?” And trust us, your body knows what is best for you! 

Nutritionist Nicole

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about helping people make peace with food, ditch their diet mentality and live a joyful life.

Nicole C.